Written by Leonie Ott

I arrive at Papa’s Gourmet Pizza as they are opening for the day. As I enter, I smell freshly baked pizza and see Kasra, the owner of Papa’s Gourmet Pizza, preparing pizzas with plenty of toppings. He welcomes me warmly and as we introduce ourselves, we get into a conversation…

Kasra shares with me that he bought the business almost three years ago but that Papa’s Gourmet Pizza was established in 1995. I’m visiting his first location on Main Street which was followed by the second location on Seymour Street. He also lets me know that this is not where his plans for the future end, his goal is clear: he wants to expand and give more people the chance to experience his pizza.

Hearing Kasra talk about his restaurant and his products, I quickly realize how passionate he is about his profession. “I really like cooking and to create good quality food”, he tells me. He always knew he wanted to work in the gastronomic sector and in the end, own his own restaurant. Until fulfilling his ambition with Papa’s Gourmet Pizza, he made his way through different types of cuisine, in addition to spending some time in the restaurant renovation industry. To my question of why he chose to buy this restaurant in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, he responds: “I myself was a customer at this place and I really liked the pizza”. At some point, he then learned that the previous owner wanted to sell the business and he knew he had to seize the opportunity.


Mount Pleasant has an abundance of different eateries, including quite a few pizza places. So, I ask how he manages to stand out in the crowd. “Our pizza is different”, he answers. Kasra explains that he’s always aiming to create the best pizza which is why the dough is made freshly every day, the toppings are added very generously and the ingredients must all be of high quality. In addition to this, his recipes are unique as they’re either the traditional recipes from the prior owner or his own personal creations. He proudly tells me about the recognition he gained for his work at Papa’s Gourmet Pizza. His pizza was voted as a top contender for La Pizza Week Canada Peoples Choice Vancouver 2021.


I have only one question left: “What is your favourite Pizza?” Kasra laughs and tells me that he loves all of them but that there are two he especially likes: Mortadella and Beef Steak. For his customers the Mushroom pizza is one of his best, he adds. “This one is a killer, as soon as we put it on the counter, it’s gone!”

As I leave, he gives me a slice of pizza to form my own opinion. All I can say is you won’t regret giving it a shot 😉


To learn more about Papa’s Gourmet Pizza, visit their website here!


Papa’s Gourmet Pizza

3030 Main St.


P: 604-876-5577


Monday – Thursday: 11:00am – 10:00pm

Friday: 11:00am – 11:00pm

Saturday: 4:00pm – 11:30pm

Sunday: 4:00pm – 9:00pm