The Broadway Subway Project has started its construction phase on the SW corner of Main St. & Broadway and adjacent streets. The demolition of the old Tim Horton’s and the adjacent building has been completed.  We are seeing some utility relocations at 8th and Main to facilitate the eventual tunnel. Both of these events going on at the same time are creating a much larger impression of what the worksite will look like later this month. The sewer relocation work should be completed by the end of  June. The station work going on on the block of Broadway, from Main to Quebec street right now is to build a heavy steel deck. This will allow work to proceed beneath the deck without closing Broadway. We will be seeing ( or have already seen ) some lane changes to facilitate that work. This work should proceed until the end of the summer. We anticipate disruptions over the next months, as actual construction begins. MPBIA staff are checking the site daily, and any disruptions will hopefully be kept to a minimum. We will be posting the construction updates below. These are from either the City of Vancouver or the Broadway Subway Group. The MPBIA is here to help mitigate any issues that we are able to. Please feel free to contact

Current Disruptions (AS OF SEPTEMBER 3rd 2021)

Relocating water line connections in Mount Pleasant: Night Work restarting September 6; water shutdown September 8/9


September 3, 2021

UPDATE: The notification dated August 18, 2021, has been updated with current scheduling details, traffic and impacts/interruptions including nightwork.

The Broadway Subway Project Corporation (BSPC) is in your neighbourhood building the traffic deck. Once completed, the traffic deck maintains an at-grade, safe and consistent four-lane traffic configuration while station construction continues below. As part of this work, BSPC has identified water and sanitary service connections to various buildings on both sides of E. Broadway from Main Street to Quebec Street that need to be relocated.

BSPC completed the first relocation of water and sanitary service connections in mid-July. Relocation of additional water and sanitary service connections will continue at different locations on various dates through September. Upcoming work includes completing the relocation of the main water line to the north side of E. Broadway. Water to neighbouring businesses and residences will be temporarily shut off while their water service connections are relocated. Water shutoffs will generally be performed overnight to minimize the impact on businesses and residents. BSPC is directly contacting the businesses and residents we anticipate will be affected by the water shutdown.

Please note, this information is current at the time of sending, however due to unforeseen circumstances, schedules are subject to change. BSPC will update this notification as additional dates and times for water shutdowns are confirmed.




• September 6 – Noisy work from 8-10 p.m. at the intersections of E. Broadway at Main Street, and at Quebec Street.
• September 7 – Night work: Tying-in the temporary water main on the north side of E Broadway to the existing main at the intersection of Main Street and E. Broadway.
• September 8/9 – Overnight water shutdowns to one property on the north side of E. Broadway between Main and Quebec streets
• September 9/10 – Night work to tie-in the temporary water main to the existing main at the intersection of Quebec Street and E. Broadway.
• As early as September 12 – Night work to install a temporary water main to service properties on the south side of E. Broadway between Main Street and Quebec Street. Duration: 10 days.
• As early as September 14 – Overnight water shutdowns to select properties on the south side of E. Broadway between Main and Quebec streets.
• Additional dates to be confirmed and will be announced as updates to this notification.

Hours of work: 

• Day: 7 a.m. – 8 p.m., Monday-Saturday
• Occasional Night: 8 p.m. – 5 a.m., Sunday-Friday.



• Southbound traffic on Main Street will be reduced to a single lane, and E. Broadway will be reduced to one lane in each direction during night work September 7-10.
• As early as September 13, traffic on E. Broadway between Main Street and Quebec Street reduced to two lanes (one in each direction) during night work.
• Turn restrictions in effect at the intersection of Main Street and E. Broadway.
• Access from E. Broadway to the lane west of Main Street is closed. Access available from E. 8th Avenue.
• Flaggers and signs will assist pedestrians and cyclists navigate.


• Overnight water shutdowns September 8/9 and September 14/15
• Residents and businesses may experience noise. There will be saw cutting September 6 from 8- 10 p.m. Night work from September 7/8 through September 9/10 will include, but is not limited to, power tools cutting water pipes, generators supplying power to bypass pumps and plate compactors.
• Night work starting September 12 will include, but is not limited to, excavators, power tools cutting water pipes and plate compactors.
• As early as September 13, steel plates will be used to cover the excavation of the south sidewalk during the day.
• Relocation of the fire hydrant at the north-east corner of Quebec Street at E. Broadway to the north-west corner: Date TBD.

Other Important Information

  • Access for all abilities will be maintained to residences, businesses and services.
  • Emergency access is maintained at all times.
  • When possible, crews will perform the noisiest construction activities during the day to reduce overnight noise.

We know that construction can be disruptive, and we are working hard to minimize impacts in your neighbourhood and on your property. We will continue to keep you informed in advance of any local work now and in the future to help you plan accordingly. Thank you in advance for your patience.

Updates will be provided at, and the location of the work can be viewed on a map at: Updates will also be emailed to local registered contacts, and additional notification will be provided where possible. Please note, construction schedules can change on short notice.

Broadway Subway Project Corporation is committed to safety and COVID-19 Protocols while construction activities are underway and continues to follow the latest guidance from the Provincial Health Officer and WorkSafeBC.


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