Lee Building Art Creating a Sense of Community in Mount Pleasant

The fire escapes adorning the Lee Bilding have been the canvas of several local artists over the last few years.

The MPBIA is thrilled to sponsor a new lighting installation by local artist Jasminka Prelovac on the iconic Lee Building. The installation was installed on Dec 24, 2015 and will be up until March 2016.

Previously, the fire escapes of the Lee Building were home to another art installation in the Fall of 2013.

lee building art

Lee Building Art 2013 courtesy of Jason Statler

Lee Building Art

Lee Building Art 2013 – courtesy of Kevin Krebs

If you have any photos of other public art projects that have been installed in the past, please email charmaine@mpbia.ca with any photos and/or information on the artist! Public art helps bring community together and is part of many of our initiatives at MPBIA. We’d love to hear from you!