Why Catoro?

Our goal with Catoro Cafe is not only to help rescue cats find homes, but also to connect with our guests on an emotional level. We do this by making spending time with animals an easy and accessible thing to do within modern urban living.

Catoro Cafe is an institution in the community to promote animal welfare, mental wellness, and climate control by means of waste recycling. Catoro consistently engages with the community in new ways by offering programs that support local artists, people with mental illness, students, and many more.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Catoro has switched to a focus on local and convenient pet supply delivery. Please help show your support by purchasing your pet supplies through Catoro rather than a big franchise. Every dollar spent with us goes to help keeping the cats at Catoro fed and sheltered and for all our hard working staff to give these cats the best love and care they deserve.

Catoro tells a story of a forest guardian and its companion that are on a mission to rescue the helpless and homeless cats lost within a mysterious forest. We hope that the story we tell will connect with children and put a more welcoming and approachable narrative around the importance of rescuing animals and adoption.

We believe that small businesses like Catoro are an integral part of any community. Innovation, integrity and social responsibility should always be at the forefront of any business rather than profits.

We hope you all find a spark of happiness and joy when you visit Catoro. See you soon!

-Catoro Team

To learn more about Catoro Cafe, visit their website here!

Catoro Cafe

666 E Broadway

P: +1-604-423-2987


Tuesday – Sunday: 11am – 7pm

Monday: Closed