We checked out the latest business to open in Mount Pleasant, Parliament Interiors, and believe us when we tell you – you should too!

Collette, Tina and Craig are no amateurs when it comes to running a small business. After 11 successful years of running shop in Gastown, they have now moved their flagship store to 2703 Main St. for our community to enjoy!

Parliament Interiors is “-an inspiring modern furniture and home décor store.” When you walk through the doors on Main St. & E.11th, you are immediately greeted with fun music, eye-catching colours and designer pieces in the open and bright space. A walk through the store and you will notice that there are larger pieces of furniture such as bed frames, couches and ceiling lights, all the way down to tiny succulents and P.F. Candle Co. candles. Every piece has a place and is curated in a ‘showroom’ for you to be able to envision it in your home and get inspired.

The choice to come to Mount Pleasant was simple for Collette and her team, since they are all residents of the neighbourhood. In Craig’s words, “Mount Pleasant is a perfect space to balance between the East and West boundaries of Vancouver”.  Surrounded by small locally-owned businesses and neighbours, they feel perfectly at home. And the parking is not so bad either!

We highly recommend popping by to see it for yourself! They are open from 11am to 6pm everyday (except Sundays; 12pm to 5pm). We’re sure you’ll find something special to take home.