The Georgia Straight recently released their long-anticipated people’s pick for the best spots to grab a bite to eat in 2018. This is great news for our Mount Pleasant, since we can happily say that we remain the third best neighbourhood to eat in Vancouver and are closing the lead on Kits and Gastown!

We congratulate all of the winners and thank them for the skills, smarts and hard work they put into their businesses. They deserve to enjoy the recognition the Golden Plates Awards bring.

To check out all the winners, here’s the link to the Georgia Straight:

Compared to 2017, we see a growth in the number of business that have been awarded, as well as a bigger number of businesses winning first place for their category.

We are thrilled that the exemplary skills of Trevor Bird, Chef and owner of Fable Restaurant in Kits and Fable Diner in Mount Pleasant, got him well deserved recognition by winning the Best Chefs award.

Out of the 157 award categories, our businesses won in 30, mostly related to beer, coffee and Mexican food. Despite a slight decrease in the number of categories, we have seen a surge in the number of businesses winning per category. In fact, out of these 30 categories, we have multiple winners in four of them!

Burgoo won #1 for Best Comfort Food and Best Restaurant to Hang Out in on a Rainy Day, along with 3rd for Best Mid-Price Restaurant.

Brassneck Brewery took home #1 Best Brewery Tasting Room, #2 Best Locally Brewed Beer and #3 Best Local Brewery.

Worthy of mention with wins in 2 categories are Brewery Creek Liquor Store, Fable Diner and Lucy’s Eastside Diner. Fable Diner and Lucy’s were #1 and #2 in the Best Diner category!

Local restaurateurs and chefs were featured with their votes, tying Toshi Sushi in # 1 Best Japanese Food and Chutney Villa  in the #3 spot for Best Indian Food.

Dine Mount Pleasant!

Written by Felipe, edited by Meghan.