As many of heard you may have heard the Heritage Hall hosted the fifth annual Curry Cup competition on March 13th, 2018. Eight of Vancouver’s top chefs competed to see which curry would win the championship title. Six of the chefs represented Mount Pleasant restaurants and this year four of the chefs were women.

Elizabeth Bryan of Dock Lunch 

Shelome Bouvette of Chicha

Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co.

Tim Evans of The Cascade Room

Karl Gregg of Colony on Main

Mark Hills of Hills Foods

Alana Peckham of Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver

Alessandro Vianello of Wildebeest

The event was hosted by Fred Lee and the judges included Felix Zhou of Heritage Asian Eatery (the previous winner), Taryn Wa (the inaugural Curry Cup winner) and Vikram Vij of Vij’s restaurant, Tim Pawsey (food and wine writer) and Harry McWatters of TIME Winery.

Alessandro Vianello of Wildebeest won for his Lamb Belly Rogan Gosh. Tim Evans of The Cascade Room won both the second place award and the People’s Choice award. Elizabeth Bryan of Dock Lunch won the third place award . Mount Pleasant is proud to showcase some of the talented chefs located in the neighborhood. Ticket proceeds went towards Project Chef—a non-profit program that partners with Vancouver School Board to teach children about healthy food choices.

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