Step 2 of BC’s Restart Plan brings a fresh start for fitness studios and the community

Starting Tuesday, June 15th, indoor sports and high-intensity fitness can begin again (with the correct safety protocols), as per the BC Restart Plan. We thought we would take a moment to talk to some studios here in our neighbourhood to see how they’ve been coping this year and what they have planned for the easing of restrictions. See below how Open Door Yoga, Westside Training and Uphoria Family Yoga have been doing.

Open Door Yoga – #200-2940 Main St.

We spoke with Georgina Varveris, owner and operator of Open Door Yoga. This studio “-offers predominately Hatha-style classes, linking asanas in a flow-like sequence with emphasis on breathing and alignment.” (source:

MPBIA: How long have you been in Mount Pleasant?
G: Open Door Yoga Studios has been running yoga classes for 20 years in Mount Pleasant.
MPBIA: How has COVID affected your business?
G: With the initial lockdown, Open Door closed half our classes, closed one of our studios on Main 15th , and lost half our teachers
MPBIA: What do you have planned for the re-opening?
G: We are open already, as we teach low-intensity yoga. We have a intro special for sale. Access both online and in-studio classes, for an unlimited amount during 7 weeks for only $99 or an extra week if they buy on their first visit.


Westside Training – 2520 Columbia St.

Next, we speak to Westside Training founder and coach, Jenika Gordon. The studio offers “-personal training, small group classes, lifestyle & nutrition coaching and individual program design.” (
MPBIA: How long have you been in Mount Pleasant?.
J: Westside training has been in business for over 12  years at different locations all around Vancouver. We finally moved into this amazing neighbourhood in September 2020, and have been loving it ever since!
MPBIA: How has COVID affected your business?
J: Last year was a bit tough as we had to put a  hold on group classes. However, we were still able to hold personal training, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, and online program design which was a huge success as each clients’ program was designed around their personal goals, priorities and around the equipment and space they had available to them. We were also able to set up a teens personal training program which has been a lot of fun! We are a community gym so it has been cool to expand our community by having our clients’ kids start fitness with us. 
MPBIA: What do you have planned for the re-opening?
J: We’re excited to be welcoming new members to our community!  In addition to our personal training, nutritional and lifestyle coaching, and online individual program design we will be starting small group classes again. We are also very excited  to be adding more services to our space to help continue our members health and wellness with massage therapy and physiotherapy.

Üphoria Yoga – 88 E Broadway

Last but not least, we speak to Tara and Shayan, co-owners at Uphoria Yoga. This boutique studio offers classes for prenatal, postnatal, kids, adults and families. Something for everyone!
MPBIA: How long have you been in Mount Pleasant?
T: Üphoria Yoga opened its doors in September 2019 on 88 East Broadway. (6 months prior to Covid-19 Pandemic)
MPBIA: How has COVID affected your business?
T: Üphoria Yoga is owned by a local family from Mt.Pleasant. It has been the hardest challenge to this date for our business. Being a brand new business only shy of 6 months prior has put a lot of financial strain on our business.

Other than the economic impact that Covid has had on our business, mentally it was draining ( yoga of course helped!) but overall, the uncertainty, the unknowing of when, how, why and what is happening day by day did put a lot of pressure on us as a family. We have a 3 year old son and are now expecting our second baby boy this summer!

We worked hard everyday trying to adapt to the new normal and always stayed hopeful. Now that we have managed to keep our doors open, it is our hope to bring communities together, so families can grow happier and healthier.

MPBIA: What do you have planned for the re-opening?
T: We are in the process of planning community events outdoors and indoors for all ages. We have our incredible community of prenatal and postnatal moms and we will be running outdoor classes all throughout the summer at the beautiful hinge park.  Once all restrictions are lifted, hopefully in Fall 2021, we will be running in-studio events to celebrate our first and second year anniversary (which we didn’t get to do last year). We are excited, hopeful and can’t wait to see our community and meet new faces!
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