Portside Interiors has recently opened on 120 E Broadway just West of Main St.  Learn a little bit about their company below.

Coastal Cool and Elegance

At Portside Interiors our work is based on the fundamentals of classic design. We thrive on the challenge to create a modern, livable, and stylish interior. Our insight and expertise, gained over two decades on a wide range of design fields ensures efficient and elegant furnishings attuned to their own unique context and conditions.

Portside Interiors is a retail furniture store based in Vancouver, Canada. We embrace the Westcoast lifestyle and embody that in our carefully selected collection of furniture. Like the West Coast, a well-designed interior should be livable and stylish.  Your interior can be both rustic-organic and modern-sleek.  By partnering rustic-organic materials to an overall modern aesthetics adds interest and soul to your space. We are happy to assist with decorating advice to achieve the best Portside look.

Portside Interiors is founded by partners Gene Guindon and Oskar Eriksson. Gene has worked in the furniture industry since his early twenties for a number of furniture retailers. Oskar, born and raised in Scandinavia, has a background in landscape design. Together Gene and Oskar have a long experience in a wide range of design fields, ranging from graphic design to Urban Design. At Portside interiors you get prime customer service, with a warm and personable approach. We look forward to helping you realize your project, whether that is to refresh a room or furnish your home.”

More information can be found on their website: https://www.portsideinteriors.com/