Vancouver Mural Fest x Craft Beer Tour 2019

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Did you know that currently, there are 184 street art wall murals, as well as 9 craft-breweries within the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant? Are you familiar with all these locations? Fret not, Toonie Tours Vancouver is teaming up with Vancouver Mural Fest to bring you two ‘off the beaten path’ tours to discover the area. Van Mural Fest 2019 has organized a 1-hour tour daily, from August 1st to 11th, with Toonie Tours to showcase these magnificent murals, both old and new, along the streets and back alleys of Mount Pleasant! Toonie Tours has developed their 3-hour Street Art & Craft Beer Tour to allow locals and world-wide visitors access to these treasures all year long!
The Official VMF Tour 2019 (August 1st – 10th)

This is the official Van Mural Fest 2019 tour! This 1-hour walking tour provides local residents, Vancouverites and visitors the ability to uncover the messages portrayed by the artists, as well as learn about their triumphs and struggles. The expert local guides will share insider information researched through collaboration with Van Mural Fest and local artists. Prepare to be inspired and enthralled by Vancouver’s thriving art scene!

What’s Included

  • 1-hour tour with direct route to old and new murals
  • Expert local guides with exclusive access to artists, Van Mural Fest insights and insider information

The Street Art & Craft Beer Tour (July 16th – Sept 29th)

This 3-hour walking tour combines Mount Pleasant’s two local treasures, street art & craft beer. Expert local guides will lead the way between street art murals from the Van Mural Fest and local craft breweries. Gain exclusive access to two craft breweries, typically BREWHALL and Main Street Brewing Company. Learn about the beer fermentation process while sampling beer straight from the vats. Enjoy the company of your new friends with supplied snacks, VIP access and further discounts.  

For every participant on this Toonie Tours Tour, a “toonie” ($2) will be donated to the ‘Holden Courage Memorial Foundation’, a local Mt Pleasant charity, which automatically makes each participant the newest local in the neighbourhood!

What’s Included

  • 3-hour tour with direct route to hand selected murals and breweries. 
  • Expert local guides with exclusive access to artists, Van Mural Fest insights and insider information
  • VIP brewery tour & exclusive access
  • Snacks (nachos, wings, veggies)

VMF Tour Schedule

Note that although both tours will be featuring street murals in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, there shall be minimal overlaps from the Street Art & Craft Beer Tour to the VMF Official Tour, or close to no overlap at all. Those who are interested in participating in both tours need not to worry about seeing the same murals twice!

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