Capoeira Ache Brasil Academy

341 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V5T 1W5 Canada


Capoeira Ache Brasil Academy was voted “Best Martial Arts Academy in Vancouver (2005 and 2007) in the Georgia Straight’s Readers Choice “Best Of Vancouver”.

Known as the secret dance of Brazil, capoeira is an astonishing display of acrobatics, breath-taking kicks and self-defense tactics performed to the music of the Berimbau (an ancient stringed bow-like instrument) and drums. Originating in the Northeast of Brazil about 400 years ago by slaves from the African continent, Capoeira had to be practiced in secrecy after the lethal potentials were discovered by the slave masters.

Although Capoeira was created as a way to free the slaves from their oppressors, it has evolved into one of the most hypnotic and interesting art forms yet to come out of Brazil. Today capoeira is divided into three types: Capoeira de Angola (in the tradition of Mestre Pastinha), Capoeira Regional (in the tradition of Mestre Bimba) and nontraditional style Capoeira.