Welcome to the brand-new and unique Yoga Spot

in the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood

An Interview with Tara and Shayan Co-Founder’s of Üphoria at the studio


Written by Sofie Jung


The Üphoria Yoga Studio is Vancouver’s new family yoga studio based in Mount Pleasant. With a team of 15 yoga teachers, Üphoria Yoga wants to teach all yoga lovers. There are a lot of benefits which makes practicing at Üphoria so appealing. Because of the small class sizes, childminding and the family-friendly studio environment you can completely relax during your Yoga session. You also do not need to bring your own yoga mat. Basic yoga props are provided at the studio.

With 8 different Classes, Üphoria has a lot to offer. You can choose between Adult Yoga, Kids Classes, Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Family Yoga Classes, Childminding, Mat Workouts, Parents’ Night Out and Birthday Parties!

When I met Tara and Shayan, I immediately felt welcome in their studio. I smelled a pleasant scent and listened to the relaxing sounds. It was an amazing atmosphere.

Next, I asked them some questions I was very interested in. This is what Tara and Shayan had to say…

What was the Idea behind your Business name Üphoria Yoga?

Bringing happiness and excitement to the next level, this is what euphoria is. We want to give the people who come in our studio this extra touch of pure happiness. This is why we chose the name Üphoria and our personally hashtag #FINDHAPPINESSINSIDE.

Was your Child the reason to found a family Yoga Studio? 

Yes, as we know, sometimes finding an indoor location to spend time with our child is not easy. Being able to take a yoga class and take your child with you or place in childminding was what we felt was needed. There were lots of gaps between ages with different studios and we really wanted to fulfil the ages and make yoga accessible to all regardless of their age or ability.

How did you come to practice yoga? And when was it?

I (Tara) was introduced to yoga by attending a hot yoga class in 2008. I have always been very active and struggled a lot by feeling intimidated  in group fitness classes or sense of competition in partner workouts, etc. After attending many yoga classes, I felt rewarded, reborn and found a true sense of connection of mind and body.

How did you come to become a Yoga teacher?

I know that Yoga is my passion. Teaching people our unique style of Yoga and combine it with my Early Childhood Education seems like something we really want to share with others and do every day.

What are the first three words you associate with yoga?

The first three words which coming up to my mind are mind, movement, and breath.

What makes Üphoria Yoga special compared to other ‘typical’ Yoga Studios?

There are a lot of things what makes this Studio so unique. Starting with the different programs we offer from ages zero all the way to adults including prenatal, and postnatal classes. The Childminding classes are very unique and parents are enjoying it very much.  But the most important and special thing about Üphoria is the family vibe and bringing the community together.

What makes you happiest in your job?

Work Life Balance (she did not have to think a second about it). Giving my son the full attention he needs and follow up on my passion is the perfect balance between family and work for me. Seeing families coming back to the studio for a second time and seeing all the great benefits they have because of our sessions and the family vibe in the Studio makes us just happy.

Which Yoga Class is the most visited?

The most visited Yoga class is definitely ‘Happy Baby and Me’. Furthermore the ‘Prenatal’ and ‘Family Yoga’, kids yoga and adult yoga + childminding sessions are very well received.

Now that you’ve learned all the important facts about Üphoria Yoga, you can try it out for yourself! Make an appointment online here.


Üphoria Yoga

88 E Broadway

P: (604) 326-2995