Meet the VMF 2019 Muralists: Pablo Zamudio

Written by Doris Young

Meet Pablo Zamudio, one of our artists for Vancouver Mural Fest 2019. You can find his beautiful mural, on 4th Avenue (nearby Manitoba Street)! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with him just as he was working on his mural. 

Artist Name: Pablo Zamudio  

Title of mural: Unnamed (Pablo tells us that he usually likes to finishes his pieces first then finds the name for his art) 

How many people were on your team to help create the mural? 

Pablo had a big team of at least 20 people! Even if some of these members came by to help for only a couple hours, every contribution helped.   

What was your inspiration behind your mural? 

Pablo gets inspiration everywhere, including his own energy to the chaos occurring within our world. Pablo also shares that he doesn’t really plan his patterns; instead he seeks to find balance. 

What type of artwork do you create aside from murals?

Pablo reveals that he actually paints everyday and aims to make at least 2-3 pieces of work everyday. His artwork also includes painting on canvas, design work, and sketching on both paper and digitally. 

What was an unexpected challenge or joy in creating your mural? 

An unexpected challenge for Pablo would be that he usually paints on a smaller scale, in contrast to the large mural that he painted this year!    

The MPBIA is ecstatic to have such an amazing mural added to our collection of beautiful public art in the neighbourhood! Check out Pablo’s other work at:
Instagram: @pabloz74