Meet the 2019 VMF Muralists: Olivia Di Liberto

Written by Doris Young

Meet Olivia Di Liberto, one of our artists for Vancouver Mural Fest 2019. You can find her beautiful mural, Cosmic Breeze, on 4th Avenue (nearby Manitoba Street)! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her just as she finished her first-ever mural! 

Artist Name: Olivia Di Liberto  

Title of mural: Cosmic Breeze  

How many people were on your team to help create the mural? 

Olivia had her friend, Blake help her throughout the entire process of painting, especially towards the end as Olivia needed to work on the black outlines of her mural. She excitedly shares that she had a few friends here and there to lend a helping hand. In the end, her team came to a total of five. 

What was your inspiration behind your mural? 

Olivia was inspired by the 1960s & 1970s counter-culture movement. 

What type of artwork do you create aside from murals?

Outside of murals, Olivia does illustration work. Some of her past projects include creating posters for concerts and a musical festival in Los Angeles! She also does graphic design, ranging from logos, commission pieces, and t-shirt designs for bands.  

What was an unexpected challenge or joy in creating your mural? 

An unexpected joy for Olivia was how many friends came to help her out! She mentions that it’s been a “like a party these past few days”. Another unexpected joy would be the reaction from the public! Although she was nervous at first, the response from the public has been positive. 

The MPBIA is ecstatic to have such an amazing mural added to our collection of beautiful public art in the neighbourhood! Check out Olivia’s other work at:
Instagram: @chillivia