Meet the 2019 VMF Muralists: Kathy Ager

Written by Doris Young

Meet Kathy Ager, one of our artists for Vancouver Mural Fest 2019. You can find her beautiful mural, Homecoming, on Manitoba Street & 5th Avenue! We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with her just as she finished her mural.

Artist NameKathy Ager
Title of mural: Homecoming

How many people were on your team to help create the mural? 

Kathy had a team of two to bring her amazing mural to life! Her assistant helped her paint the red graphics (pictured above).

What was your inspiration behind your mural? 

Kathy’s inspiration comes from returning back home to Vancouver after living in Amsterdam for 9 years and facing the old demons previously left behind.

What type of artwork do you create aside from murals?

Kathy enjoys painting. Other pieces of her artwork include oil on canvas.

What was an unexpected challenge or joy in creating your mural? 

An unexpected challenge for Kathy was painting something so big! Kathy shared that she usually paints objects based on their real sizes, so painting a large-scale, dramatic mural was something new.

The MPBIA is ecstatic to have such an amazing mural added to our collection of beautiful public art in the neighbourhood! Check out Kathy’s other work at:
Instagram: @kathyager