Meet the 2019 VMF Muralists: Charlie Edmiston

Written by Doris Young

Meet Charlie Edmiston, one of our artists for Vancouver Mural Fest 2019. You can find his beautiful mural, Untitled, on 7½ Lane (nearby Manitoba Street)! Charlie also hosted a gallery exhibition during VMF. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to speak with him just as he added the finishing touches to his mural! 

Artist Name: Charlie Edmiston 

Title of mural: Untitled 

How many people were on your team to help create the mural? 

Charlie had a total of 6 team members. A few members were interns and volunteers, while two assisted him throughout the whole process. 

What was your inspiration behind your mural? 

Charlie’s inspiration stems from existing architecture & pulling colours from the city. He gets inspiration from everywhere and enjoys seeing how the colours work together.   

What type of artwork do you create aside from murals?

Charlie had an exhibition, Gestalt, during VMF showcasing his artwork. From this exhibition, he actually reached out to VMF to see if he would be able to paint a mural. Charlie also does mixed media paintings, along with 3D wall sculptures.  

What was an unexpected challenge or joy in creating your mural? 

A few unexpected challenges for Charlie includes uneven ground, a rough terrain lift, as well as  running out of paint and having to make adjustments on the spot. An unexpected joy for Charlie was how everyone came to help him out. He shared that people have been kind & super accommodating. As Charlie is from the US, he confidently claims that Canadians are truly kind! 

The MPBIA is ecstatic to have such an amazing mural added to our collection of beautiful public art in the neighbourhood! Check out Charlie’s other work at:
Instagram: @charlieedmiston