Marian Distributing Centre

2721 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5T 3E9


Products and Supplies for All Your Religious Needs!

  • Clergy and Church supplies:  Candles, Hymn Books, Music, Vestments, Clergy Kits, Chalices, Altar Wines and more
  • Books, Magazines and Pamphlets
  • Sacramental Gifts, Rosaries
  • Religious Jewellery: Sterling Silver, 12K Gold, 10K Gold and Gold Filled
  • Multimedia: DVD’s, CD’s
  • Holy Pictures
  • Holy Cards and Greeting Cards
  • Indoor/Outdoor Holy Statues up to 40″ height
  • Educational Materials, for Catholic Schools, RCIA and Prep Programs
  • Holy Bibles, Study Bibles, Gift Bibles

We have many other religious articles; come to the store to browse!