Evans Lake Forest Education Society

5-169 E 12th Ave, Vancouver BC, V5T 3A8



At Evans Lake, we always say: “Camp is for the Campers!” 

The objectives of the Society are:

  1. To promote safe and healthy personal growth and leadership development opportunities for children and youth in an outdoor environment at the Evans Lake Forestry Centre,
  2. To cultivate knowledge, experience, overcome challenges and build positive relationships that foster confidence and life skills development,
  3. To provide educational opportunities that broaden personal understandings and relationships between youth and forest ecosystems.

Summer camp at Evans Lake Forestry Centre (15 kilometres North of Squamish, BC) starts with an excellent staff team in Mount Pleasant! Great camp counselors, fun activities, and beautiful outdoors – call today to find out more!

 Our amazing staff that enable campers to have the most fun possible in a safe and engaging environment.