B2 Fitness

1961 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada



Getting started at B2 Fitness involves meeting with one of our trainers for a consultation. During your initial consultation, together we will determine an individualized plan of action to reach your goals.
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Our two streams of fitness training provide options to best fit your lifestyle.

♥ WORKSHOPS and CLASSES: If you are a beginner or would like to work on a particular aspect of exercise, our workshops are the place to start. These workshops give you the skills to progess into our more advanced small group training cohort. If you are already somewhat experienced, like routine and enjoy the support of a group, you will love our regularly scheduled small group classes (3-5 participants per class).

♥ PERSONAL TRAINING: If you require more individualized programming, we offer private personal training packages for you (or you and your BFF). Have a small group (3-5 participants)? Book your own preferred-time session and reserve the gym entirely for your group.

Contact us: info@b2fitness.ca