Holy bubble tea Batman! Forget Canada Day, the real event of next week happens on July 7th, with the grand opening of Mount Pleasant’s hottest new joint: Buns + Boba. Vancouverites put up with a lot, real-estate prices, rain, people constantly complaining about the real-estate prices and the rain; but it’s all worth it for the homegrown craft goods that can be found around the city. If there’s one place that embodies that spirit of all-natural entrepeneurialship it’s Buns + Boba, with coffee from the Squamish based Counterpart Coffee, and fresh in-house oat and nut milk, you can’t find fresher or more natural bubble tea in the Vancouver area. Not only that, but instead of using the traditional powdered milk in their beverages, they opt for whole milk which tickles the homegrown heartstrings. Using simple 4-ingredient tapioca balls, organic loose leaf tea and whole milk there’s no fresher way to enjoy this Taiwanese classic.

What’s that you say? It gets better? Yes it most certainly does, because if there’s one thing more universally loved than fresh beverages it’s free stuff. Buns + Boba are giving away 75g of their finest tea to the first 100 customers on July 7th. So if the natural products, sleek design, and locally grown ingredients didn’t interest you, come for the free tea! Buns + Boba is located at 327 E Broadway, and will be open from 9:30am – 6pm on weekends, and 7:30am – 6pm on weekdays. You can find more info on them at https://www.bunsandboba.com/.