A Reminder Courtesy of MPBIA Regarding Bad Weather Cautionary Measures

 All member businesses and property owners are encouraged to be proactive when bad weather is forecasted.

Some of the more important contact information to assist in bad weather cautionary measures is detailed below. Both Fortis and BC Hydro sites have significant information regarding preparing for an emergency or power outage.

  • For urgent matters call 311 (City of Vancouver non-emergency line)
  • Power outages to be reported to BC Hydro:  Call 1.888.769.3766 or *49376 on your mobile phone to report an outage.  Check the outage map or list to see if Hydro already knows that your power is out HERE.
  • Contact Fortis BC
  • Report non-emergency storm related issues to the City of Vancouver HERE.
  • Check Environment Canada for updated warnings HERE.
  • Clean drains in roadways and eaves to prevent flooding.
  • Secure or remove loose equipment or amenities such as sandwich boards,  tents, umbrellas, tables and chairs and awnings

You are encouraged to download the VanConnect app for purposes of reporting issues to the City of Vancouver.

If the MPBIA can assist, please contact us at 604.874.9816 or email us at mpbia@telus.net.  A reminder that our standard office hours are 9:30 to 4:30 from Monday to Friday.