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Ilya Viryachev Showcase on Now!

Do you love art, coffee and all things good in this world?

Then make your way down to 2525 Main Street and take in the wondrous display on now at Kafka’s. Though Ilya Viryachev‘s work is prominently displayed up and down Main street in the form of murals, his new installments will be featured in Kafka’s Coffee and Tea.

The Kazhakstani born artist has done work in the Mount Pleasant community before. He participated in Vancouver Mural Festival in 2016 and created two other unique works in the area outside of festival time. His distinct style is always easy to spot, with bright colours and eye-catching subjects his art is never something to miss.

Pair that with the unbridled passion that Kafka’s shows towards their coffee and you have a winning combination. Using Kafka’s unique art spaced within their establishment, Virayachev set up shop on July 26th to showcase Aberrant Light. His aim is to explore the effect nature has on humans, and he’ll be using a softer, more subtle palette than previous works. The showcase will remain until September 10th.

The space itself was created in order for local artists to have a place they could show their work, without breaking the bank. With a dedicated curator and a name for themselves, Kafka’s is a great way for artists to gain a foothold into the industry in Vancouver.

So next time you have an afternoon to yourself, when the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming and you feel like some conversation without the commitment drop on by Kafka’s. The coffee will be unparalleled, and the art will be magnificent.