Start Date: 14 November

End Date: 30 December

Tree of Giving at Kingsgate Mall

370 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada

What a lovely way to show you care at Christmas – the Tree of Giving!

Everyone who stops in at Kingsgate Mall over Christmas has probably seen the Tree of Giving. It’s been a tradition at Kingsgate Mall for many years. I knew it’s been going on for a long time, what I didn’t know was how meaningful it is to the givers and recipients.

Individual gift tags showing a child’s age, gender and special interests cover the Christmas Tree near the East entrance to the mall.  Local service providers supply Kingsgate Mall manager Leyda Molnar with this information, based on their knowledge of children who, without this help, will have little to celebrate at Christmas.  This includes Kimount & Kivan Boys and Girls Club, the  Broadway Youth Centre, Mount Pleasant, Florence Nightingale and Seymour Elementary Schools along with Children’s Corner.

That this Tree of Giving has been around for a long time is not a surprise. Kingsgate Mall has been a part of the community fabric for decades by BEING part of the community. They welcome Seniors for activities and lunches, present Christmas (psst – Santa arrives on the 16th), Halloween and Easter events.

What warmed my heart was being with Leyda when she opened the door to Santa’s secret storage and seeing a staggering stack of gifts tagged for the recipients and ready for wrapping! Every gift was a thoughtful choice by the giver, hoping to bring a smile to a child’s face on Christmas morning.

Seeing the reality of what a neighbourhood can do for its own under the steerage of a caring person like Leyda Molnar makes me glad to have been a part of this community since 1990.

There are still tags on that tree. I’m going to get a tag, carefully choose a gift and know that somebody’s going to be smiling on Christmas Day. There’s a house beside the tree for putting the gift’s in, I hope the chimney is big enough for Santa!




Halloween at Kingsgate Mall

It’s that time of the year! Halloween is right around the corner and the Kingsgate Mall is hosting various events and there is something for everyone!


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